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Important Information


Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions set out by Dorset Advanced Motorcycle Training (DAMT). Prior to participating in any training / services the trainee is entering into a legally binding agreement which is strictly subject to the terms and conditions set out below. 


Any individual(s) who books and/or pays for any service, on behalf of other individual(s) agrees to act as an agent of that individual, who shall be deemed as the trainee and be bound by these terms and conditions irrevocably. 


Any individual(s) not wanting to be bound by these terms & conditions should not proceed with any such training and not remit any fees. Once any such fees are remitted, it is assumed that the trainee has read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these terms & conditions. 


Any complaint regarding any service provided by Dorset Advanced Motorcycle Training to the trainee shall only be responded to if made in writing, or by email, and accepted and acknowledged within seven days of such action that instigated the initial complaint.



By attending training with Dorset Advanced Motorcycle Training each trainee agrees, understands and accepts that in order for the trainee to attain a Compulsory Basic training Certificate (CBT), and/or prepare for the practical motorcycle test, DAMT are willing to provide training to the trainee, including any required manoeuvres at a suitable training site approved by DVSA, as well as on any public roads, in any prevailing weather conditions deemed acceptable by the instructor. 


In the case of CBT training, the Trainee should be satisfied with the training they have received so far and feel sufficiently competent to proceed with the fifth element involving a minimum of 2 hours riding on the public highway. 


In all other cases the trainee should be satisfied with any training provided, or their own riding experience, to proceed with further training including riding on a public highway and/or preparing for any requirements of the full motorcycle test. In the case of CBT training, the trainee should feel sufficiently competent to conduct the fifth element in the prevailing weather conditions at that time. The trainee should also feel competent to conduct further training, including the practicing of any manoeuvres required by the full motorcycle test, in the prevailing weather. 


By booking a course with DAMT, the trainee confirms their wish to carry out any scooter or motorcycle training, either for CBT training or for that of the practical motorcycle test at their own risk, and accepts that such training involves a degree of risk of physical injury to themselves. As such, the trainee agrees not to hold DAMT or any DAMT instructors liable for any injury sustained to themselves whilst carrying out any such training, until a full investigation has been carried out. If the trainee is found to be negligent or have failed to follow clear instructions the trainee will be fully liable to cover any necessary expenses. 




A booking confirmation will be emailed to the trainee using an email address supplied. Trainees are responsible for providing a current email address and phone number for communication purposes. Dorset Advanced Motorcycle Training shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the trainee if we are unable to communicate with the trainee using such email and/or mobile contact details. If the trainee fails to sign and return the insurance declaration form (see section Damage, Liability and Insurance below) then no training will be provided and the trainee shall forfeit any fees paid to DAMT and be liable to pay any outstanding balances, unless otherwise agreed with DAMT. It is the trainees responsibility to inform of any medical or health conditions on booking and to the instructor on the day. During the training the trainee will be required to answer questions about the elements of the Highway Code, including those about motorcyclists. Prior knowledge of this before training is essential. Trainees must show a physical copy of their driving licence to their instructor on the day of training, failure to do so will result in training being unable to be provided. 


Course Fees 


On booking a course with DAMT a deposit (as stated on booking confirmation) must be paid to confirm and hold the date. The remaining balance must be paid, in cleared funds, at least 14 days before the start date of such course. If the trainee fails to pay the balance fee for such course by the above timescale, then such deposit shall be forfeited by the trainee and no training service shall be provided.


Clothing and Equipment


Dorset Advanced Motorcycle Training will provide a suitable Hi-Viz vest to the trainee. Should the trainee require it DAMT can also provide a suitable safety helmet, jacket and a pair of gloves. The trainee must advise of any clothing / equipment required on booking. At all times the trainee should be dressed appropriately for any training course and accordingly for the weather. DAMT reserve the right to reject the trainee for training if he fails to dress appropriately. The trainee may refer to DAMT or the DVSA for guidance before any such training commences. Any fees paid by the trainee shall be retained by DAMT in these circumstances. 


The trainee will be expected to successfully read a car registration plate from a distance of 20.5 meters, therefore if the trainee requires glasses to do this they must bring them with you and wear them throughout the training and road ride.


We aim to cover a variety of mopeds and motorcycles to suit all needs and requirements. Should our bikes not meet your needs you will need to supply your own bike, subject to meeting the DVSA requirements and our terms set below under Using Own Bike. It is the trainees responsibility to ensure that the bike they are using is suitable for the course they are attending.

In respect of any full motorcycle test course, the Trainee shall comply with the DVSA’s requirements in respect of the wearing of ‘suitable protective clothing’ introduced on the 1st July 2011. Further information can be found on the DVSA website or via this link. DAMT cannot be liable for any test which is cancelled due to the non wearing of such suitable clothing by the trainee and any test which is cancelled under these circumstances shall be treated as if the trainee had failed the test and the trainee will have to resit the test.


Training Cancellations


Dorset Advanced Motorcycle training reserve the right to cancel any training course immediately, in the interests of health and safety, if, at any time, the trainee acts in any manner, or carries out any action(s) deemed as rude, offensive or dangerous to DAMT and/or any other individual or third party, including the trainee. Any fees paid by the trainee shall be retained by DAMT in such circumstances. If DAMT cancel any training session for any other reason beyond their control, then their liability to the trainee will be limited to the replacement of any such training hours. Any credit on an account must be used within 6 months of the original booking. Once this time frame has passed DAMT reserve the right to retain any fees paid by the trainee.


Due to Health and Safety regulations if the trainee falls off the motorcycle or is involved in an accident during training the course will be ended and any fees will be forfeited.


CBT Cancellation - Should the trainee need to make any cancellations or alterations to a booking, it must be made at least 5 clear days before the date of the course and will be subject to an administration fee of £30 for each place booked. The alteration of a course is at the sole discretion of DAMT. Any alterations or cancellations made within 5 clear days of the date of the course will result in any fees paid for the course being retained by DAMT, and the Trainee being liable for any outstanding balance due. The trainee may elect to cease training at any time by notifying the training instructor. In such event, DAMT reserve the right to retain any fees paid by the trainee for any training booked. The trainee shall also be liable to remit any outstanding fees for such training.


Other Courses Cancellation - Any cancellations or alterations to a booking must be made at least 14 clear days before the date of the course, at the latest, and will be subject to an administration fee of £100 for each place booked. The alteration of a course is at the sole discretion of DAMT Any alterations or cancellations made within 14 clear days of the date of the course will result in any deposit paid for the course being retained by DAMT. In the event of any cancellation or alteration being made within 7 clear days of the date of the course, this will also result in the trainee being liable to pay any outstanding balance in relation to the chosen course. 

Due to the amount of training that is entailed within a day, if the trainee is 15 minutes late for training it will commence without them. Should the trainee be 30 minutes late they will not to be able to join the remainder of the course, fees will be lost and rebooking will be required. 


Any refunds due to the customer will be issued within 14 days of confirmation, as long as the terms above have been adhered to.

If you have to self isolate due to COVID-19 the terms and conditions set above will not be affected, however, please notify us at the earliest date possible.

Test Cancellations


If the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) cancel the Trainee’s test for any reasons beyond the control of the training company, e.g. adverse weather, industrial action, examiner illness/equipment failure etc, then the Trainee will have to make a claim against the DVSA for any fees paid by the Trainee to DAMT for such training and test. DAMT shall be entitled to retain any fees paid for such training and test. DAMT will, if required by the Trainee, rebook a further test resit, at the normal fee rate applicable at the time of rebooking such training and test.


If DAMT cancel any test for any reason beyond their control, then their liability to the trainee will be limited to the amount of any fees paid by the trainee for such test, or the cost of any similar test fees that may be charged by DAMT to another trainee for a similar test.


Legal Entitlement


At all times the trainee must be legally entitled to undertake any training service being offered by DAMT and upon request the trainee shall provide proof of such entitlement. This can be found at and needs to be complete 72 hours before your start date and sent to us via email or shown to your instructor on the day. To all training the trainee shall bring their driving license, provisional or full, and any other paperwork requested. Failure to do so may result in DAMT cancelling any further training for the trainee and retaining any monies paid. In any event, the trainee shall be liable to pay any such outstanding balance to DAMT.


Driving Licence Theory Certificate Numbers


DAMT requires all trainees to provide them with driving licence numbers for the purposes of booking/naming tests or updating DVSA and/or DVLA records. Where trainees book online, this information will be requested and required at the time of booking. DAMT will not be liable for inaccurate information provided by trainees, which may prevent tests from being booked, or DVSA and/or DVLA records being correctly updated.


Translators / Third Parties


In the interests of health & safety, and with respect to other trainees attending training, DAMT will NOT permit any translator or other third party to attend any training session that the trainee shall book, unless otherwise agreed with DAMT in writing.


Damage, Liability and Insurance


The Trainee agrees to be responsible for any loss or damage caused to any equipment, including any bike or scooter, provided by DAMT, whilst in the trainee’s care and control. To minimise any such cost, DAMT reserve the right to cancel the Trainee’s training at any time in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. 


The Trainee accepts full responsibility to pay in full for any damage and repairs caused to the motorcycle and equipment while in their care, up to the value of £450. Above this the trainee will assume DAMT insurance would be advised as a result of an accident whilst riding the motorcycle. The trainee would only be liable to pay the excess of £450 unless it was proven the accident was solely the trainee’s fault after a full insurance investigation. Under 18's will be required to have a Parent/Guardian sign an under 18 insurance declaration form which a copy can be found here.


We offer an insurance waiver that will absolve you of all damage liability caused to the motorcycle/scooter on the day or course when paid in advance. This only covers the day / course it is purchased with, if you participate in further training days or resits you will need to purchase the insurance again to be covered. This is not a compulsory and non payment will be referred to our standard £450 excess policy. (£19.99 for CBT's & £49.99 for any other training). This waiver covers 1 day of training should any damage occur, for example if while on a DAS course damage is caused on day one, from day 2 you will have to repurchase the insurance waiver or revert back to the original insurance liability.

Using Own Bike


If the trainee is using his own bike for training, they should ensure that it is the right specification for the course being attended, including the display of two legal sized ‘L’ plates, and in a roadworthy condition as determined by DAMT and shall meet all current UK legislation requirements in force at that time. The Trainee shall bring and retain a current MOT certificate, if applicable, insurance certificate, current valid original CBT certificate and road tax for the bike being used. The trainee’s non compliance will result in the cancellation of training and the trainee forfeiting any monies paid to DAMT.

If the trainee's vehicle is involved in an accident or is damaged, that is the fault of the trainee, the trainee will be liable for any damages to their own vehicle and/or other parties involved. Should the trainee be involved in an accident with another training vehicle, that is not the fault of the trainee, the other party involved is liable to pay any cost directly to the trainee up to the value of £450 otherwise any cost above this will be assumed that DAMT insurance will be advised. Any accident with any other parties not associated with DAMT, that is not the trainee's fault, will be assumed that all insurance companies will be advised for all parties involved. 




If the trainee is not successful in attaining their CBT on the booked date, or fails to meet any of the requirements the trainee will have the option of rebooking the CBT at an additional fee. If the trainee fails to complete all off road exercises of the course within the allocated 4 hours they will not be able to carry on with the afternoon session on the road and will have to pay for an additional CBT day charged at a discounted rate of £135 to complete another full day of training. If the trainee does not successfully complete the road ride section of the CBT this will be charged at a hourly rate to complete. No funds will be carried over to any further training required.

When booking a Full Licence course, if the trainee opts for the wrong length (too short) course relevant to their riding experience and is not up to the standard required for the training to be complete safely the remaining course dates will be cancelled, fees lost and rebook correct length course. Therefore all trainees must consider which length of course to book and discuss their riding experience when booking. 

The fee charged for any other course resit will be notified to the trainee by DAMT prior to any such resit being booked on behalf of the trainee.

The Trainee accepts that if they have booked and paid for the Module 2 test to take place within three days of their Module 1 test, and they subsequently fails the Module 1 test they will:

  • Not be eligible to attend the Module 2 test.

  • Will not receive any refund of any fees in respect of the scheduled Module 2 training or test.


Module 1 Training


The Trainee accepts that although DAMT have replicated the Module 1 training circuit from the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) as much as possible, some of these measurements may differ from those used at the DVSA’s Multi Purpose Test Centre (MPTC).


Extended Module 2 Test


In the event that a pupil requires an extended Module 2 test, for any reason whatsoever the following shall apply. Firstly, the pupil has the responsibility to advise DAMT of such requirement (especially in view of this information being classified as personal data, and not available for DAMT to obtain from any third party). If the pupil fails to notify DAMT of such requirement when they book any full license course requiring such extended test, then they shall not be able to attend any normal Module 2 test and forfeit any fees in respect of such Module 2 test. Any extended test requirements will be subject to any additional test fee charged by the DVSA.




The trainee has read and accepted the terms and conditions of any training provided to the trainee by DAMT prior to the trainee attending any training. All training is subject to the trainee having read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions. The trainee must sign, wherever possible, the booking confirmation form either before or at the beginning of each training course. Whether signed or not, by attending any training course the trainee is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions.

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