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Back To Biking

Our Back to Biking training is designed for riders with a full motorcycle licence but have been away from biking for some time.

Motorcycles have changed substantially in recent years, as has the standard of training. This is a great opportunity to get your skills back in check, to ensure you’re remembering the safest way to ride your new machine.

This course enables riders to practice on any problem areas such as cornering or overtaking with a qualified instructor, thus providing a perfect stepping stone towards getting back on the road.

Slow bike control, effective use of observations and correct road positioning are just a few topics to be covered during this course.

This training is structured to your own individual needs, starting on the carpark, first using a 125cc machine and then, if required, on to the 650cc bike for some brushing up with your machine control before getting you back on the road. However, if you have your own bike then all training can be complete on this.

So don’t worry if you haven’t ridden for a good few months or even a few decades, this is the course to get you back on two wheels safely.


Day Rate - Half / Standard

£195 / £245*

Full Payment Required On Booking

A half day will be approximately 3 hours

A full day will be approximately 6 hours including lunch break

* Prices include hire of protective gear, insurance, fuel & motorcycle.

** Additional / extended hours will be charged at £60 per hour.

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