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We want to make sure that anyone who wants to ride a bike can ride a bike. With our past history supporting the local council we have helped many individuals obtain their bike license.


This bespoke one to one course is design to tailor the needs of the individual around the needs and requirements of any course. We work on an individual basis as we understand that everyone with special needs or requirements are unique and need to work at their own pace to complete the course. 

Over the last 20 years we have supplied these sessions to a wide variety of people, including those with (but not limited to), learning, mental health and/or physical difficulties / disabilities, social difficulties / anxiety, amputees, limited English language, and people who just want to learn at a slower more relaxed pace.

The course you take will depend on you age and licence restrictions. For further details on what the course offers and which course you can take please click here. 

This course can help with:

  • Understanding the capabilities and characteristics of your machine.

  • Hazard perception, anticipation and planning.

  • Overcoming your limitations.

  • Building your confidence as a competent rider.

While practising you must:

  • Be accompanied by a qualified approved trainer riding another motorbike and in radio contact with you.

  • Wear fluorescent or reflective safety clothing while you’re being supervised.

  • Follow the provisional licence restrictions & have 'L' plates fitted.


Day Rate - Half / Standard

£245 / £345*

Full Payment Required On Booking

A half day will be approximately 3 hours

A full day will be approximately 6 hours excluding lunch break

* Prices include hire of protective gear, insurance, fuel & motorcycle. 

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