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Compulsory Basic Training

CBT is a 1 day course taken before riding on the road which ensures you can ride safely, competently and independently. It is helpful to have a knowledge of the main rules that apply to moped and motorcycle riders as well as what other road users are likely to do.

The Course Includes 5 Elements:

  • Introduction (A)

  • Practical On-Site Training (B)

  • Practical On-Site Riding (C)

  • Safety Talk (D)

  • Practical On Road Riding (E)

Course Information

  • Element A - D lasts approximately 4 hours - ratio of 2:1 (pupil:instructor)

  • Element E lasts a minimum 2 hours with full radio contact

Successful completion of all 5 elements will be issued with certificate of completion (DL 196) - valid for 2 years. You can renew your certificate indefinitely by retaking a CBT course, or you can get your complete a "A' class course to obtain your full licence.

After completing CBT, you can ride a:

  • Moped up to 50 cc if you're 16 or over

  • Motorcycle up to 125cc and with a power output of up to 11kW if you’re 17 or over


  • Valid UK Driving Licence (full or provisional car) 

  • L-Plates (if using own bike)

  • Valid Insurance, MOT and Tax (if using own bike)

*Took your car test before 2001? You don't need to do a CBT to ride a moped*

Gear Conversion Course

​After completing your CBT we can offer additional training to learn how to ride a manual 125cc motorcycle with gears. This is aimed for scooter riders who are transitioning to a manual motorcycle and want learn safely with a qualified instructor.

You will learn:


Clutch control - 1 down 4 up. You’ll learn how to safely and confidently ride a motorcycle with gears. Understanding how to control the clutch at slow speeds, pulling away and coming to a stop.


Changing gears with confidence - Riding in different scenarios and conditions to learn how to select the right gear for each occasion and to change gear with confidence up and down the gear box.




2 Hours




1 Day



1 Day (1-2-1)



(Introduction, Standard CBT + Additional 2 Hour Night Riding)


Hourly Rate - £60

(Confidence Building - Night Riding - Gear Conversion - Practice) 

Using your own bike? We will apply a £20 discount to your booking

Existing CBT customer? Check your emails for a 10% renewal discount**

Full Payment Required On Booking

* Prices include CBT certificate, hire of protective gear, insurance & fuel for hire bikes and hiring of a scooter or motorcycle. Failure to complete may result in an additional CBT day to retake.

** Must provide a current non-expired CBT certificate previously issued by DAMT. Failure to do so will result in a standard CBT day being charged, Mis-use of any discount code will result in cancellation of course.

***Additional / extended hours will be charged at £60 per hour

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